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Wisconsin Badgers Wrestling MAN OF THE MAT vs No. 6 Nebraska

Who took home the Wisconsin Badgers wrestling Man of the MAT award against No. 6 Nebraska?



Wisconsin Badgers Wrestling

Wisconsin Badgers Wrestling MAN OF THE MAT Award

The intent of this prestigious, almost Hodge-like, award is to highlight a wrestler from the Wisconsin Badgers Wrestling team that had the most outstanding performance from the event.

No. 5 Dean Hamiti vs No. 18 Antrell Taylor.

These two great competitors fought a tough match with great zest from both of them.  After a few hands in the face calls against Taylor – you could see Hamiti was getting annoyed by it. Following the conclusion of the match – Taylor and Hamiti had some words.

“I grabbed his head a little bit at the end, a little outlet of my emotion, maybe I shouldn’t have done it.” DJ is always class and respectful but I for one (and the fans cheering) love the smoke!

These two men are elite and will almost certainly meet again at the Big Ten tournament at some point will not forget this match.


Following that gritty 7–2 win – Dean Hamiti is the winner of the MAN OF THE MAT award!

Previous Winners of the MAN OF THE MAT:

Lindenwood – Felix Lettini

Michigan State Open – Luke Condon

No. 10 Iowa State – NO SELECTION

Bucknell – Max Maylor

Rider – Joseph Zargo

Drexel – Dean Hamiti

Midlands Championships – Shane Liegel

Virginia Duals – Max Maylor

No. 7 Ohio State – Eric Barnett

Michigan State – Nicolar Rivera

Loras Open – Luke Condon

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