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CBS Broadcast Makes Hilarious Blunder During Wisconsin Basketball Game



Wisconsin Badgers basketball shooting guard Connor Essegian

Saturday’s Wisconsin basketball game vs. Indiana was a colossal dud, dropping their third straight game, this time in embarrassing fashion.

Everyone and their mother can see how different this team is without Tyler Wahl, but one thing you might have missed was Connor Essegian’s “parents.”

Essegian was a lone bright spot in yesterday’s matchup with 14 points and 11 rebounds. Essegian was a big talking point for the announcers between his standout performance and his Indiana roots.

During the CBS broadcast, they showed a couple in the stands and labeled them “Jody and Rich Essegian – Connor’s Parents” while the crew commented on his parents making the trip to Bloomington.

I was absolutely flabbergasted when they showed this couple and claimed they were Connor’s parents. Not only did they look NOTHING like him, but they also looked plenty old enough to be his grandparents.

I could not get these people out of my head. My husband came home from work that evening and asked for my thoughts on the Wisconsin basketball game. I had very few on-court takeaways, but I had to tell him how OLD Connor Essegian’s parents were.

Someone clearly filled Connor in on the broadcast mishap because later that day, he tweeted at CBS Sports, “y’all are wild. This my fam”, with side-by-side photos of his real parents and the imposter parents.

This random couple and Connor Essegian looked absolutely NOTHING like one another.

Burning Questions From the Wisconsin Basketball Game

This mishap begs the question, who are these imposter parents? Are they actually his grandparents or a different player’s parents? Did someone try to point out Connor’s parents to the camera guy, and he misunderstood?

Did the CBS crew just take a wild guess and think it would be fine if they acted confident about it? Are his parents’ names even Jody and Rich? How many other times have they pointed out important people in the stands and been wrong?

These are the burning questions from the Wisconsin basketball game that I will likely never get answered.

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