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Wisconsin Football Recruitment Affected by Fraudulent NIL Agent

Wisconsin football fans might have unraveled the mystery surrounding the alleged counterfeit NIL Agent.



Wisconsin Badgers football head coach, Luke Fickell
Nov 18, 2023; Madison, Wisconsin, USA; Wisconsin head coach Luke Fickell argues against a roughing the passer penalty during the first quarter of their game against Nebraska at Camp Randall Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA TODAY NETWORK

In a whirlwind of transfer portal extracurriculars, a recent turn of events for the Wisconsin Football team saw Syracuse transfer Leon Lowery’s commitment to the Badgers inexplicably come and go in under 24 hours

Lowery’s brief flirtation with Wisconsin ended abruptly on Monday afternoon, following his official visit over the weekend, leaving fans and pundits scratching their heads. 

Why would someone bother committing and then back out overnight? 

The saga took an intriguing twist when Lowery, the short-lived Wisconsin Badgers outside linebacker commit, took to social media, retweeted a story by On3 that he had de-committed, and redirected inquiries about his situation to his “NIL agent,” Chris Wash

Wisconsin Football Transfer Portal Commitment Affected by a Fraudulent NIL Agent.

This is where the transfer portal drama became frustrating and simultaneously hilarious for Wisconsin football fans. 

First things first, on a human level, everyone just wants what’s best for a player, and it’s okay if someone changes their mind — we’ve all done it.

But it’s pretty evident that Leon Lowery Jr. was steered away from a program he felt comfortable with enough to cancel his upcoming visits with because his “NIL Agent” promised him more money elsewhere. 

Now, back to Chris Wash, who characterized himself as a “NIL Agent” according to his X profile. He agreed to an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal, drawing more attention to the circumstances surrounding Lowery’s swift change of heart.

Wash provided multiple foolish reasons why his “client” backed off his pledge with the Wisconsin football team. But the best part was what ensued after he agreed to the interview.

The online community spent the day combing through Wash’s background, adding a layer of intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

It didn’t take long for the Badgers faithful to discover that this man was a complete and utter fraud — exploiting college athletes for money. Wash presented himself as an “NCAA certified NIL Agent,” — which, upon doing even the smallest amount of internet research, can be disproven because that qualification simply doesn’t exist.

The internet mob also caught him in another lie. Wash claims he never lived in Lubbock, Texas. However, a screenshot taken of a different social media profile belonging to Wash suggests that he attended Texas Tech University. You can’t hardly make this stuff up. Wash is a con artist and not a very good one at that, it turns out. That’s why he went through and scrubbed his social media feed and started deleting tweets.

At the end of the day, Wisconsin football lost out on the services of an intriguing linebacker, and that part sucks. The Badgers need a few pass-rushers heading into 2024, and I’m confident they’ll find other options.

But the bigger story here is Chris Wash, a fraudulent NIL Agent that the Wisconsin Badgers fanbase rightfully crucified and put on blast for the entire country to see. In the event money is being exchanged for his services, let’s just say this could be a window into a much larger issue.

Wisconsin football fans deserve to take a bow because exposing a loser like this could prevent another athlete from falling victim.

Either way, the story had a happy ending for everyone involved.

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