Wisconsin running back Braelon Allen (0) and the rest of the offensive unit listens to quarterback Graham Mertz (5) in the huddle during their game Saturday, November 20, 2021 at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wis. Wisconsin beat Nebraska 35-28. Mjs Uwgrid21 24 Jpg Uwgrid21

Best Bets: Wisconsin Badger vs. Purdue Boilermakers

Recap of Week 7 Best Bets

Last week’s best bets for the Wisconsin Badgers could’ve been a total blood bath for your boy had the game not gone into double overtime. Winning tickets are still winning tickets though and I’ll take them any way I can.


  • Game total over 49.5 (-110) Winner – Yeah it stung how the Badgers lost against Michigan State in double overtime, with a Braelon Allen fumble leading to the game-winning touchdown for the Spartans. Sometimes in life, you have to be selfish and I knew overtime was the only way I could hit the over. The football gods may not have been looking down on me for this one, but the gambling gods sure were.
  • Braelon Allen, first touchdown scorer (+359) Winner –  I said in the best bets article last week that I was just banking on Wisconsin being close to the goal line and handing it off to their best player. That’s exactly what happened on the Badgers’ first possession and Allen plunged in for a 1-yard touchdown for the first score of the game.


  • Graham Mertz over 237 passing yards (+102) Loser – This was my favorite bet last week, which just shows you how stupid I can be. Mertz had hit 237 yards only twice before this game, but I was banking on the Spartans’ pass defense playing as poorly as they had all season allowing almost 300 yards per game. That didn’t happen as Mertz only threw for 134 yards, and couldn’t get anything going in the deep passing game. This was a bad bet.
  • Chimere Dike over 80 receiving yards (+108) Loser I got lost in the sauce from the ass-whooping the Badgers handed the god-awful Northwestern Wildcats and thought the Badgers’ passing attack had figured it out. Nope. Just played a shitty team, and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.
  •  Defensive or special teams touchdown by either team (+217) – I take this bet every week and so far have lost every week, but it’s still a rush. I’ve also decided this will not go against my weekly record…unless I win of course. If you don’t like I’m sorry, but I make the rules around here. 

Best Bets: Wisconsin Badgers vs. Purdue Boilermakers

I’ll take going 2-2 on bets last week after how bad it was looking toward the end of the game.

But I need to be better for my season record’s sake…and my sanity.

Best Bets Season Record: 9-17

  • Purdue Boilermakers Moneyline (+113) – This is my favorite bet of the week – I know Purdue is on the road, but I was shocked to see the Badgers favored in this game. I think this game could be close but as I mentioned in my game breakdown article, I believe Purdue wins this game.
  • Game total – over 51.5 points (-110) – Purdue has gone over this number in six of seven games this season, while Wisconsin has gone over four of their seven games. Purdue’s pass-happy approach lends a helping hand to the over.
  • Aidan O’Connell over 358 yards passing (+131) – O’Connell has gone over 360 yards in back-to-back games, and eclipsed that mark in four of six games he played this year. He also attempted less than 40 passes just once all season. The number is big, but O’Connell has proven he can do it.
  • Charlie Jones over 119 receiving yards (+129) – Chuck Jones is a monster. This man will be playing on Sundays in the next year or two. He’s one of the top receivers in the country, and I don’t see the Badgers having an answer for him. Jones has gone over 130 yards in four of seven games this year, I’m banking on another one.
  • Chimere Dike over 66 receiving yards (+112) – He did me dirty last week, but I’m going back to the well one more time. Wisconsin will need some big plays to keep up with this Purdue offense and Dike is one of the most explosive weapons the Badgers have.

I’m never gonna give you up

  • Defensive or special teams touchdown by either team (+207) – I will not be counting this against my weekly record if it loses as I mentioned before. I will put it on my card every week though until it hits. I’m a persistent man.

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Badgers Country. Let’s ride.

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