Oct 15, 2022; East Lansing, Michigan, USA; Wisconsin Badgers running back Braelon Allen (0) reaches for the goal line against the Michigan State Spartans at Spartan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Dale Young-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin Badgers lose 34-28 in double OT to Michigan State

Wisconsin Badgers lose 34-28 in double OT to Michigan State

The honeymoon era of Jim Leonhard at the helm may already be over for some Badger fans. Certainly a winnable game for the Wisconsin Badgers today, they lost in double overtime to a struggling Michigan State team 34-28.

Too Many Miscues

Wisconsin could not overcome their mistakes in this game. Not only did they have 8 penalties for 72 yards, they had two pivotal turnovers that led to huge Michigan State touchdowns. Graham Mertz first interception was backed up in Wisconsin territory which led to a touchdown. A pass interference on 4th down led to a touchdown, and finally the nail in the coffin was a fumble from Braelon Allen that led to the game winning touchdown.

Not only did the Badgers have too many mistakes, they also had some questionable play calling. Too many times were the Wisconsin cornerbacks left in one on one against these Michigan State receivers. Unfortunately, the Badgers were not winning these matchups and it cost them by giving up some big plays. I’m curious to know if Jim Leonhard is still calling the majority of defensive plays. If so, you gotta question some of those calls especially on that game winning touchdown.

Wisconsin Badgers 0ffensive Inconsistencies

The offense was way too inconsistent today for them to win this game. Aside from the two turnovers that have already been mentioned. Mertz was all over the place today with his throws. He would make a throw that would make you scratch your head, but then respond with a great throw like on the fourth and goal. It speaks to the progress that Mertz has made, but the Badgers will need him to be much more consistent as the season goes on.

I can’t remember the last time I have seen the offensive line struggle like they have this year. After the news broke about Logan Brown being dismissed from the team, this group had one of their worst games of the year. Pass protection today seemed to be lackluster and is what led to Mertz almost throwing a couple of interceptions. Add that to the continuous holding and false starts, it’s simply weird to see the Wisconsin Badgers have a subpar offensive line.

Love the Effort

One thing I have to applaud this group on and especially coach Leonhard is this teams fight. There were nuemoerous times today where I thought to myself, the Badgers might roll over and take this loss. They continued to make plays and fight until the very end. I can always appreciate that effort and attitude. It seems to be the cornerstone of what Jim Leonhard wants to bring to this program and I for one can get behind that.

What’s Next for Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has to move on from this loss as they have Purdue visiting Madison next weekend. 2:30 PM kickoff on ESPN.

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