Wisconsin Basketball: Brad Davison’s leadership will be invaluable for the baby badgers

After an up and down season, Wisconsin is left with one lone senior from last year’s tournament team. Brad Davison took advantage of the NCAA COVID-19 eligibility rule and decided to return for a final season in Madison.

However, the team he’ll be returning to is far different than the one he played on just a season ago. Last year the average age of the team was an impressive 22.6 years of age. Now in 2021, even after adding three transfers in the off-season, the badgers average age is just 19.5 years old – on a roster that will include 12 underclassmen. 

Brad Davison has appeared in 128 games, including 124 starts for Wisconsin. He’s also averaged north of 30 minutes a game all four years of his career. Davison has been a consistent contributor for the badgers while donning the cardinal and white.

Brad Davison ranks fourth in school history in career starts, fifth in career free-throw percentage (.832), fifth in career made 3-point field goals (222) and 12th in career steals (132). With a resume like that, his teammates can’t help but respect him. 

Nobody is happier to have his on court coach back than Greg Gard himself. His experience and leadership with such a young group cannot be understated. Gard recognizes his mere presence on the floor and ability to offer guidance in the locker room will go a long way this season.

You know what you’re getting from Brad Davison night in and night out. He never takes a play off, will fight over screens, constantly talk on defense, bail the team out late in the shot clock, and above all else will do whatever it takes to help his team win.

His role this season will be no different than in any other. He’s going to be a 3&D guard for the badgers and the emotional/vocal leader of this young team.

Davison possesses inside the gym range that began to expand further out last season. This forces defenders to play him further off the three point line which creates better spacing/driving lanes for his teammates.

With this young team’s ability to play at a faster pace, we will likely see more transition three’s from the battle tested senior.

Davison cited improved 3-point shooting and conditioning as area’s he’s looking to improve for his final campaign. Which I would say is right on the money. That and making a concentrated effort to not be a “ball stopper” on offense. Davison isn’t an explosive play-maker so when he puts the ball on the floor he often kills spacing.

Should Davison decide to put the ball on the floor, I’d like to see him utilize a few quick dribbles and use his step back to create space. He doesn’t possess “blow by” speed so this quick step back gives him the separation he needs to get off a clean look.

This young badgers team is fortunate to have a leader like Brad Davison in the locker room. His leadership and influence is going to leave a mark on this group long after he’s gone.

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