What to expect from the 2020 class next season

Guard/Forward | Johnny Davis 

johnny davis

Entering the 2020 season, no incoming Freshman has the opportunity to impact the team more than Johnny Davis. Despite having a completely different skill-set, it would make the most sense to slide Davis into Pritzl’s spot in the lineup when Gard decides to go small. The Badgers will be able to play at a faster pace with someone like Davis out on the wing. Whether he starts in Wisconsin’s small-ball lineup or comes off the bench, I think it’s realistic that Davis plays 15-20 minutes a night and provides a significant spark on both ends of the court. There is a good chance that he’ll be the best athlete on the team from day one. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, Davis has the potential to be a program changing type of player.  

Forward | Ben Carlson 

ben carlson

The highest rated member of the 2020 recruiting class by 247 sports, Ben Carlson figures to carve out a role in the rotation despite returning all their big’s from a year ago. Greg Gard will likely play his returning front-court players heavy minutes, but has the luxury of turning to an able-bodied Freshman like Carlson to keep everyone fresh. Carlson is in the mold of many stretch fours before him, and should help contribute on the glass. I expect to see Carlson play no more than 10 minutes a night, while gaining valuable experience that will help next season when he’s expected to take over as a starter. 

Guard |Lorne Bowman 

lorne bowman

Lorne Bowman is a point guard cut from a very different cloth than Wisconsin has had in recent memory. Bowman possesses the playmaking ability to break down defenders and get to the rim. The talent is obvious; however, the opportunity is what’s in question. Will Bowman push Trevor Anderson for minutes behind returning starter D’Mitrik Trice? Or will Bowman take a redshirt season as a Freshman before getting the keys to the car in 2021? Bowman is certainly talented enough to earn minutes as a freshman but it comes down to doing what’s best for him long term. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next fall to get our answer. Either way Wisconsin is in good hands moving forward. 

Forward/Center | Steven Crowl 

steven crowl

Steven Crowl will likely be a victim of circumstance next season. Most years I would say a player as skilled as Crowl could find minutes right away. Unfortunately for Crowl he’ll have players like Reuvers, Potter, Ford, and likely Carlson ahead of him in the rotation. Crowl already has advanced footwork, good court vision, and a nice outside touch. He’ll have the luxury of redshirting his freshman year and getting in the weight room before taking over as a major contributor in 2021. 

Guard/Forward | Jordan Davis 

jordan davis

Jordan Davis is often overlooked as a recruit because of who his brother is. Make no mistake about it, Jordan Davis is a D1 prospect in his own right. Jordan Davis won’t be making a direct impact on the court in 2020 for Wisconsin, but a three and D player like Davis will assuredly find minutes during his career. Davis will spend his freshman year on the scout team, pushing the players ahead of him and gaining valuable experience that will pay dividends later in his career. Anyone who thinks he only received a Wisconsin offer because of his brother hasn’t watched his game closely enough. Jordan Davis will win Greg Gard over with his work ethic, book it. 

Forward | Carter Gilmore 


I would argue that Carter Gilmore is as talented of a walk-on that I’ve seen commit to Wisconsin. With that being said, I don’t see an avenue for Gilmore to see minutes as a freshman. Gilmore is talented enough to potentially earn a scholarship before he leaves Madison, and I’m confident he’ll find minutes at some point in his career. Until then he’s going to be a versatile forward on the scout team learning from the upper classmen. No matter Gilmore’s role, he’ll make players around him better. 


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