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Former Wisconsin Forward, Vitto Brown, otherwise known as “Sensei Swat” by his Twitter handle was playing for the Erie BayHawks before the Coronavirus led to his season being suspended. Vitto was embarking on a season that had resulted in career highs in multiple statistical categories. His points per game increased from 10.4 last season to 15.2 this season, and is playing 3.4 more minutes. He has also seen marginal improvements on getting to the charity stripe, more rebounds, assists, steals and blocks per game. Most notably, shooting a robust 38.2% from downtown which could ultimately lead to looks from NBA teams.

Vitto played sparingly on the back to back Final Four teams, before earning his way into the starting lineup his last two seasons. Brown was yet another Wisconsin forward who developed and became a valued contributor for the badgers back to back sweet 16 teams. Brown averaged 9.7 points and 5 rebounds in his first season as a starter and followed that up with 6.8 points and 3.9 rebounds his Senior season.

Basketball was far from Vitto’s only talent. The Brown family started a vocalist group called “Shades of Brown” that he also participates in. Along with others, 6-8 forward sang the National Anthem at the 2015 Final 4 before beating Kentucky

Presented “It’s a Shame” by “The Spinners”at the 2015 Buckinghams- a Wisconsin yearly spring tradition.

Oh, and he can do a fine One Shining Moment as well

Not to mention Brown was also a model student-athlete at Wisconsin, as he was a two time Academic All-Big Ten honoree. Vitto also received recognition by the Allstate good works team for his volunteerism and civic involvement.


Vitto Brown, the baddest man in the whole damned town took some time out of his day during his time off to share with Badger Notes his experiences on and off the court.


Q: Coming out of high school from Bowling Green OH, what made you want to become a Badger?


A: Although I’m from Ohio, I was never an Ohio State fan, or fan of any team really. My high school coach was from Wisconsin though, so he would take us to team camps in the Dells and at UW every summer. My last summer there I impressed Coach Ryan and he offered me on the spot after my second game. That’s when I knew!


Q: Who was a player you looked up to growing up?


A: I looked up to LeBron James, pretty much by default.


Q: What was it like to be able to sing the National Anthem at the 2015 Final 4?


A: Singing at the Final 4 was an incredible experience and honor for me. In terms of greatest personal moments, I put it right behind winning the game against Kentucky.


Q: After playing sparingly Freshman and Sophomore year, what was it like becoming a starter your junior season at UW?


A: It was exciting to become one of the leaders of the team after paying my dues the first two years. I never stopped working and as a result I was ready when my time came.


Q: What do you miss most about UW?


A: Without question I miss all the friends I met while I was there. Within the team and in the city overall.


Q: How has life been in the G League?


A: Life in the G League is like the most extreme roller coaster you can imagine. At times an amazing thrill and at other times, you just want to get off. But overall, I have enjoyed my time and become much better from it.


Q: You have gotten significantly better every season professionally, what do you attribute that success too?


A: I attribute that success to my God given talent, my work ethic and my ability to learn, be coached and fight through adversity. Sounds like a lot of things, but in the end a lot of the success comes down to me shifting and evolving my mentality.


Q: What are you doing right now with all this time off with the Coronavirus? Still getting your workouts in?


A: Every day during this pandemic I am trying to find the positives that I can take away from it. We are surrounded by so much negativity and confusion on a daily basis, so I feel the only way to come out of this whole situation better off is to find the positives and act on them. Working out, making music and helping out around the house have kept me pretty happy and busy in these tough times!


Q: Have the family singing group “Shades of Brown” been busy lately?


A: We’ve mostly been getting our bearing’s straight, adjusting to working at home, etc. but new music WILL come out this spring/summer!

Thank you, Vitto for the memories over the years. We wish you nothing but the best moving forward, On Wisconsin.


Article by: Noah Birenbaum


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