Report Card : Games 13-18

Best offensive player


King has continued his progression as a scorer and a playmaker in this offense. As the season’s gone on, the Badgers have begun to lean more on Kobe King as a focal point of the offense. King has stepped up with additional opportunity, shooting 54% from the field in the last 6 games. Coach Tucker see’s a lot of potential in King and has started to take him under his wing:

“Off the court, you have to have a different monster,” said Tucker. “That’s how I was. I was super humble, super grateful, but once I stepped on the court, I became a different beast. “I’ve been trying to tap into it so he can, once he gets on the court, be able to flip that switch.”



Best defensive player

brad davison 34

What Brad Davison has meant to this defense can’t begin to be understood by looking at box scores. Brad has been forced to wear many different hats during his time at Wisconsin. A primary ball-handler as a freshman, a catch and shoot guy as a sophomore, and a defense first player as a Junior. Davison has answered the call, playing great team D, knowing when to switch, when to help, and holding his own against bigger players. Davison has a motor you can’t turn off and his defensive intensity of late is one of the reasons Wisconsin has found its identity.

Player Report Card

Trice : (D+)  Trice has played respectable defense over this stretch but his offense has been a very serious obstacle for this team.  Trice hasn’t mustered a double digit scoring performance in any of the last 6 games. Outside of playing good defense, what does Trice offer you when he’s not scoring ? This is a question I struggle with at times. I suppose he takes care of the basketball and rebounds decent for a player his size. Do with this information as you will, but Trice hasn’t shot over 38% from the field in any season since he’s been at Wisconsin.

Davison : (B) Offensively Davison has found a more consistent role as a catch and shoot option on offense. This season Davison’s role has been more about being a leader and a defensive presence, he’s risen to the occasion. After digging a little deeper into the numbers I found that Davison is shooting 48% from the field and 41% from 3 at the Kohl Center, and only 24% from the field along with 20% from 3 on the road. Thankfully Davison is able to impact games when he isn’t scoring.

King : (B+) One step closer to taking over the role many fans think he’s destined for. King has shot 54% from the field during this 6 game stretch and has had scoring outputs of 0, 13, 21, 10 , 8, and 10. The Badgers are becoming more comfortable running sets through King and getting him low post touches where he thrives. That being said I still think he needs more shots. King is doing everything he can and is doing it efficiently. I think King is still just scratching the surface.

Ford : (D-) Beginning to be phased out of the rotation in favor of Potter, Ford just hasn’t been able to produce anything meaningful for Wisconsin during this stretch. His 14 point game against Rider was the only game you could argue he offered significant value to this team. During this 6 game stretch he’s played a high of 23 minutes and most recently played only 6 against Michigan St. Ford had 21 FTA in the first nine games, since then he’s had 8 FTA in the last nine games, and 0 in the last 6.

Reuvers : (B) Reuvers has shown moments of being an alpha for Wisconsin, but just hasn’t quite taken that last step. I’m of the opinion that the Badger’s need both King and Reuvers to be lead dogs on offense night in and night out for this team to find its way. Reuvers offensive production is becoming more consistent, something the Badgers needed from their go to big man. With outputs of  15, 17, 7 ,4, 17, and 19 in the last 6 games, Reuvers is getting it done more often than not.



Pritzl : (B-) Pritzl started the 6 game stretch adding a scoring punch off the bench scoring 11, 9,  and 7 including a game sealing 3 against Ohio St. Since then Pritzl hasn’t scored more than 3. When he’s on the floor he denies the ball out on the perimeter and feeds the post religiously on offense. Pritzl does plenty of things to impact games, but it would be nice to see a few more plays drawn up for the teams best shooter.

Potter : (B) Micah Potter put together one of the best individual performances of the season against Penn State, chipping in 24 points and 13 rebounds. Potter has offered a shot in the arm on Offense adding point totals of 13, 24, and 14 in a 3 game stretch. Potter still has to find his way on Defense, as he’s been late to help and has really struggled with ball screens. He’s also added rebounding totals of 7, 9, and 13 during that stretch for a team thats desperately needed a consistent rebounding presence.  Potter could be one of the most important players on this roster this season.

Wahl : (B-) Tyler Wahl’s outing against Ohio St. was one to remember, almost single handedly keeping the Badgers in the game until Pritzl was able to put it away. Wahl is a do it all Freshman and deserves the minutes he gets. I think he should absorb many of Ford’s minutes because of his ability to impact the game when he’s not scoring. The one thing I really appreciate about the Freshman is how hard he screens and cuts on offense. Unfortunately, Wahl had at least 2 fouls in every game during this 6 game stretch and needs to work on his defensive discipline, all the tools are there for him to be an impact defender.

Anderson : (C) It would be hard to imagine Anderson grading out much different in any stretch this season, he is what he is. Anderson is gritty and offers reliable minutes off the bench. The Badgers are fortunate to have a player like him, something they were sorely missing a year ago.

Other Notes

Record during stretch (4-2)

Overall Record (11-7) Tied for 4th in the Big Ten.

Ranked 22nd in the NET Rankings

2018: 60% from the charity stripe

2019: 77% from the charity stripe

2018: 68.6 PPG | 61.7 DEF

2019: 66.5 PPG | 60.2 DEF

This team has found its identity, and it’s defense.  Gritty not pretty, Wisconsin has allowed only 55.8 PPG during this 6 game stretch, thats how you win games. For reference the 60.2 PPG allowed would be the lowest during the Greg Gard era.


Hot Take

fire mp

Micah Potter could throw his name in Big Ten 6th man of the year race. Micah Potter has it going on offense and has added a really solid rebounder to the rotation. Since his return, Potter is averaging 9.4 PPG and 5.9 Rebounds. Micah Potter appears to be what was missing at the beginning of the season. Ford is beginning to lose minutes and Potter has started seeing an uptick in a more physical Big Ten. Coach Gard has even mentioned that Micah Potter is ahead of where he thought he’d be at this point. If/when Potter starts getting his defensive rotations cleaned up he’ll see enough minutes to be one of the most important players on this team.

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