The Ascension of Nate Reuvers



What a difference a year makes. A grueling offseason of work, mixed with expanded opportunity. Ethan Happ left some big shoes to fill at Wisconsin, but make no mistake about it Nate Reuvers is Wisconsin’s next great big man.

Reuvers has found his comfortable playing weight and has added significant strength since he first stepped onto campus. As a complimentary player in past years, Reuvers offensive arsenal consisted of pick and pop 3’s and fade-aways out of the post. That Nate Reuvers is no longer, his game is becoming more polished right in front of our eyes.

Reuvers now has the confidence to back down opposing bigs and put up a hook shot while absorbing contact, this will lead to more consistent scoring opportunities.


Nate has great patience in the post and improving footwork.


Not to mention Reuvers is comfortable finishing with his left hand.


One thing that makes Reuvers game unique on offense is that he can take other big men off the dribble.


What makes Nate such a good fit for Greg Gard’s system is his ability to stretch the floor, Shooting at a 38% clip from 3 just a year ago. Reuvers should see more shot attempts with Happ having graduated. Each badger in the rotation has the ability to shoot the 3 and space the floor, this will give Reuvers a lot more room to work. Reuvers should have no problem getting open 3 point attempts out of the pick and pop.


Did I mention Reuvers step back looks really good for a 6’11” big man?


Reuvers greatest asset may be his ability to defend the rim.  He currently holds the school record for blocks in a game (9) which he’s accomplished on two occasions. Nate already ranks 12th all time at Wisconsin in blocks entering his Junior season (86), and 5th in school history for blocks in a single season with (60). Reuvers is trending towards becoming the schools all time leader in blocks for both season/career before his time at Wisconsin is over.


Reuvers ability to use his size as a help side defender is going to be monumental for this Badgers defense.


This Wisconsin team will spend the early portion of the season searching for their offensive/defensive identity, but one thing is for sure, this team will go as Nate Reuvers goes. Even if Reuvers doesn’t lead the team in scoring, he has a shot to be Wisconsin’s most important player until he graduates. Enjoy the progression, Nate Reuvers is a special player and a perfect fit at Wisconsin.

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